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Breath Tests and DUI Probation in MichiganWhen you are charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI) in Michigan, there is a good chance you will be put on probation ...When Does A Traffic Violation Become A Misdemeanor?There are lots of examples of things that could be misdemeanors, but typically it is going to be something that is considered...What Is The Process Of Probation In Michigan?Probation is an alternative to jail for somebody who has been convicted of some type of criminal offense. The judge basically...DUI Public Defender versus Private LawyerAnyone accused of a crime in the United States has the right to an attorney if they face jail time. That includes anyone char...Aggressive Driving Can Lead to DUI ChargeAggressive driving is dangerous – and it is a good way to get yourself arrested for DUI in Michigan. More than 600 drivers re...Can People Recover from a Domestic Violence Charge?Can People Recover from a Domestic Violence Charge? Ask Our Bloomfield Hills Domestic Violence Lawyers. Most of the time, mos...What To Do if You are Accused of Domestic ViolenceThere can be no doubt that domestic violence is a serious matter under Michigan’s Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment ...Judges Cannot Prohibit Medical Marijuana Use as Term of Michigan ProbationRecently, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that judges can no longer prohibit defendants from using medical marijuana as p...Court Reviews Admissibility of Confession in Michigan Drug CaseRecently a state appellate court issued a per curiam decision in a defendant’s appeal of her Michigan drug offense conviction...Is Eluding the Police a Felony in Michigan?Police are constantly put into dangerous positions in the pursuit of their work. Consequently, anything that creates more dan...The Difference Between No-Contact Orders Protection Orders And Restraining OrdersInterviewer: Let’s talk about no-contact orders or protection orders or restraining orders. How do they work and are they all...Can You Work at the Airport With a Felony?Finding employment when you have a criminal record can always be difficult, whether it is with a private company or a large e...Can You Travel during Your Probation?Interviewer: Can you actually leave town while you’re on probation? The Court Must Know and Approve of Any Travel Plans Paul ...Understanding Michigans Age of Consent LawIn Michigan, the age of consent is 16 years old. A child younger than 16 cannot consent to sexual contact, even with another ...Michigans Changing Expungement Laws Mean Thousands Now Qualify for a Fresh StartA criminal conviction—even for a minor offense—can have a dramatic impact on your life. Not only that, but by default, a conv...What Is the Difference Between a Michigan OWI and OWVI?In most states, the law that prohibits drunk or drugged driving is referred to as a DUI, or driving under the influence. Howe...notePaul J Tafelski, Michigan Defense LawTop rated Michigan criminal defense attorney helping people arrested for dwi, domestic violence and other crimes. Paul J Tafe...